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Disarming Fuzzy Bombs

Do you lay awake at night...sweat pouring down your face until you scream in agony, coming to grips with how your local school board slipped fuzzy math right under your collective public nose? You're not alone. Many have been involved in these local fights for better math and they're here to help.

Must See Video on Devastating Fuzzy Math (YouTube Link)

Where did this site come from? The story is here.

Your best pre-emptive strike warheads on the web are these massive sites:

Other localized strike sites are as follows:

If you have a site that is related to the fuzzy math fight, please contact us and we'll list it here.

A very brief history on how we lost our education

After putting men on the moon in 1969 (or advancing Hollywood's special effects department several notches), reformers in our country decided we were too advanced for the rest of the world. They developed a "new math" program that would help to level the playing field. Used during the 70's, the U.S. started sliding.

In 1989, the NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics) wrote a standard that gutted basic math skills and has devastated our scientific and technical fields. Their 2000 standard added only the slightest amount of rigor back into their standards and still lags other countries. In other words, we've lowered the bar in the name of political correctness.

For a starting point on NCTM problems see:


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